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Feral Roman Cats In Ruins

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 24, 2007

Feral Roman Cats In Ruins

Cat on the Colosseum

Feral Roman Cats In Ruins

Cat in the Forum

It’s about time to cross the streams, and merge three recurring interests across my friends list: ancient history, travel and cats. So here are a couple of old photos that I recently added to Flickr, of some of Rome’s famous feral cats lazing about on some of Rome’s most famous ruins…

Rome, Italy
September 2000


4 Responses to 'Feral Roman Cats In Ruins'

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  1. marypcb said,

    no shot of the one that bit you?

  2. surliminal said,

    They’re lovely – really atmospheric.

  3. davesslave said,

    I have wanted to visit that location. By the way, I love the photo of the orange kitty. Then again, I am partial to orange kitties.

  4. maetang said,

    Aw, kitties!

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