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Doppled into Art

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 12, 2007

I’ve been wondering where the new front page background on Dopplr was. There was something very familiar about it, but there are lots of airports in the world.

Then I found a gallery of photographs at Gadling, a look at some of the best airport architecture around. One picture caught my eye – the original for that image on Dopplr.

No wonder it was familiar, it was the recently remodelled concourse at Seattle-Tacoma. The original picture shows the wonderful spiralling sculpture that fills the void behind the coffee bar. The sculpture is rather amazing: a mobile composed of small plastic toys, it’s a 3D image of a bald eagle reaching for a salmon, and its reflection. The rippled reflection is made out of fish, the bird of soaring gulls. Suddenly you realise that some of the outlying components aren’t fish or birds – instead they’re random plastic toys.

SeaTac 3D assemblage (5)

The photo is ‘s – from her excellent Airport Art group on Flickr. It’s a small community, but growing, now with nearly 100 members and over 300 shared images.

And if anyone wants a Dopplr invite, drop me a line…


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  1. marypcb said,

    if you have any photos of art in airports on flickr, please add it to the group – it’s rather lovely that something I started has been growing all on its own!

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