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Forward – to the stars!

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 10, 2007

Processed Shuttle

I’m writing a Photoshop tutorial at the moment, and one of my intermediate images came out as though it had fallen from an alternate 1950s Russia, with that stylised propaganda poster look I like.

Putney, London/Orlando, Florida
August 2007/June 2007


5 Responses to 'Forward – to the stars!'

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  1. stevegreen said,

    To the Stars and Beyond – for the Glory of the Supreme Soviet!

  2. kevinwmoor said,

    That is really impressive!

  3. pmcray said,

    Wonderful stuff! There ought to be a Cafe Press -style outfit for poisters.

  4. andrewmacrae said,

    That really is a very cool effect.

  5. montemplar said,

    …Tutorial writes YOU!


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