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Playing Games With Death

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 6, 2007

Inspired by a recent posting by , I spent some of yesterday afternoon at ‘s party asking people what game they’d play with Death.

Answers ranged from the obvious chess, via a range of games of chance, to a hefty game of Settlers of Catan. Me, I’d be playing a multi-deck game of Munchkin. One of the more entertaining suggestions was listing all the films that have used what I think of as “The Gorn Rock”.

What’s your game?


18 Responses to 'Playing Games With Death'

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  1. ravensthorpe said,

  2. stevegreen said,

    Isn’t it Tic Tac Toe which is impossible to win?

  3. maetang said,

    Uno with two decks shuffled together. Or if I could round up 2 other players, a good game of bridge. Maybe we could pick from War, Pestilence and Famine for that!

  4. vicarage said,


  5. nalsa said,

    1000BWC. Should be worth 10 minutes of Ingmar Bergman’s film stock.

  6. del_c said,

    And now draughts.

  7. megadog said,

    I’d suggest either fifty overs of Brockian Ultra-Cricket or – for preference – a round or three of Mornington Crescent [‘Crosses’ wild, Paddington currently closed due to an ‘incident’ on the Circle line]

  8. cobrabay said,

    It would have to be Asteroids, a proper arcade one mind you, not some PC port. The only game I’ve ever played really, really well.
    Failing that, Fluxx, as you are always in with a chance with that.

  9. stevegreen said,

    Indeed: the source for both being the computer in War Games.

  10. andrewducker said,

    Either something totally random, so I’d have a 50% chance of winning.

    Or Quake 2. Deathmath Map 1 – “The Edge”. Because if there’s one thing I’d be in with a chance of winning on, it’d be that.

  11. multiclassgeek said,

    I thought that under Article 5.vii of the 1978 Convocation Codicils, those two rules can no longer be played at the same time unless you play with Camden Inversion active?

    Either way, you win an Internet for your inspired suggestion!

  12. desperance said,

    I’d play Go – ultra-simple in concept, ultra-complex in execution. Partly because I see no reason why Death should have a highly-developed sense of strategy; partly because good gameplay involves placing the stones with a neat and definite click!, achieved by a particular dextrous flick of the fingers – and with those fingerbones of his, he should be really good at it…

  13. shewhomust said,

    Mornington Crescent?

  14. sharikkamur said,

    Fluxx. I’ve noticed that younger players tend to be much better than older players, so given that Death has been around a while I might stand a chance.

  15. deedop said,

    Hah! I love the Gorn Rock suggestion, though I’d fail horribly, since I only know of Trek & Bill & Ted for certain. (I’m assuming there’s a complete list out there somewhere, right next to the list of all films that use the “Stormtrooper Scream.”)

  16. micheinnz said,

    KAOS killing round.

    Or DDR.

  17. mike_harre said,

    Lunch Money šŸ™‚ Mainly because the pictures are really creepy and kind of fit.

    Otherwise get a few friends over and have a game of “Titan” – I figure after 3-4 days he’ll probably give up. šŸ˜‰

  18. ravensthorpe said,


    “I think, ultimately, it was you.”


    … …


    “Nah. I think you’ll find it was, in a very real sense, you.”

    … …

    “Well, that’ll be you again, won’t it?”


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