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More Web 2.0 Made Simple

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 30, 2007

I’ve spent the last few days writing a tutorial on how to build your own video site, and ended up with what I’ve jokingly been calling MyTube.

Like YouTube, it’s full of short videos of cats, however unlike YouTube, you can take my code and stick it anywhere you like (In the upcoming magazine article I even show you how to build your own custom player with just 5 lines of code and a free web development tool).

Do you think I can sell it to Google for a couple of billion dollars?


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  1. nerdware said,

    Turn it into an iGoogle gadget and they might hire you. 😉

  2. mdlbear said,

    I think the future of the web is distributed, p2p systems. YouTube would probably have trouble handling a couple of billion videos; MyTube wouldn’t.

    Take a look at to see the competition Google’s going to be facing in a year or two.

  3. razorsmile said,

    Probably not, but you could probably get to be People‘s Person of the Year.

  4. quercus said,

    Google are head-hunting geeks like crazy at the moment, but if they want UK geeks they’re going to have to find something to offer them outside the USA that isn’t just selling ad space! Their “mouth is bigger than their belly” right now. They claim to want to recruit UK people, but the only interesting work is stuck in the USA.

  5. nerdware said,

    “…and some money…?”

  6. quercus said,

    I think the people Google _want_ are those that want to know first if it’s going to be interesting, secondly if they get paid for it too.

    (I’ve actually no idea at all how much was on the table!)

  7. nerdware said,

    Google Developer Podcast #5 mentions hiring gadget developers instead of buying their company or reverse engineering the code.

  8. sethop said,

    You might have to compete with OurTube for their attention.

    Something I found interesting is that the google search term “google” was finally passed by the search term “youtube”.

    Now, that could just mean that the masses are finally figuring out that they don’t *strictly speaking* need to google for google in order to find google…

    I know that the top search term on Yahoo for a while was “google” – I wonder how well “youtube” is doing there now.

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