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Wheel in a summer sky

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 18, 2007

Wheel in a summer sky

The London Eye against a changeable sky, photographed from a boat on the Thames.

River Thames, London
July 2007


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  1. liveavatar said,

    What a lovely picture, with all its delicate lines, color, and balance.

  2. davesslave said,

    Riding that would cause me to break into a cold sweat.

  3. the_magician said,

    Quite possibly. I’ve ridden it twice but I don’t have a great fear of heights.

    Inside each of those capsules there’s a bench down the middle on which you can sit and close your eyes if you need to. Each capsule will take around 25 people so they are actually the size of a fair sized minibus or a small classroom. They are fully enclosed and travel at a ridiculously slow speed (it takes 30 minutes for one revolution) but of course that makes it worse for some as once you’ve started you’ve got to wait the 30 minutes before you can get out again. If riding in a glass elevator freaks you (and I know people who just can’t ride glass elevators) then this will do the same … sorry.

  4. lapswood said,

    I haven’t ridden on it yet. I love all the jet trails in this shot! It would be cool if you could add the London Eye to your page header skyline graphic.

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