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Blogging in another place

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 6, 2007

It’s time to gather up some links to recent blog posts on ‘s and my blog at IT Pro . It’s been a while since I’ve done this – so there’s plenty for you to read.



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  1. celestialweasel said,

    Interesting stuff. I see you mention ESRI in passing. What do you think will happen when Dangermond retires? Do you think ESRI is a prize that a big player will want, or will someone bizarre buy it like happened with MapInfo?

    It is odd that no-one more sensible bought MapInfo. Either Oracle (since it works well as a front end to Oracle Spatial) or Microsoft. Then MSFT would have a proper GIS.

  2. bellinghman said,

    On the subject of power supplies – I was packing up my old Sony Ericsson 750i, and trying to find the right power supply to put in the box.

    Argh! I haven’t a clue what half of them are for.

  3. micheinnz said,

    Hm. Just read that last blog entry of Mary’s, re the women in IT thing.

    Think she’d mind a comment from a woman who used to be in IT, but who bailed for reasons completely unrelated to the ratio of or attitudes towards women in the field? And who has, incidentally, gone into a trade where there are _even fewer_ women than in programming?

  4. ciphergoth said,

    Hey, don’t be too down on Motorola – at least the RAZR already uses mini-USB, and I’ve charged one up on the train from my laptop battery using a USB cable before now.

  5. marypcb said,

    we welcome all comments over there – it’s quiet as the grave abd I wish we could get more conversations going, so *please*

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