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The Flickr UK Postcode Interestingness Weather Location Explorer

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on June 25, 2007

The first application at my Web 2.0 sandbox is now live.

Have a play with The Flickr UK Postcode Interestingness Weather Location Explorer. Give it a postcode, and it’ll show you the weather at the location, along with the most “interesting” Flickr image it can find nearest the pinpoint on the map. I’m quite pleased by the self-expanding search area that expands each time it can’t find an image…

(It’s a mash-up of Google Maps, Google Local, WeatherBug, Yahoo! Pipes and Flickr written for a magazine article.)

Update: I left out one of the instructions: click on the pin to get the pop-up once the progress bar goes away…


19 Responses to 'The Flickr UK Postcode Interestingness Weather Location Explorer'

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  1. jarkman said,

    In the spirit of beta, I just tried it with “np4 6jt” on Firefox 2.

    I got a map showing the right spot, the ‘Expanding’ dialog about 15 times in a row, but no weather and no photos. Which I’m guessing was not the plan… 🙂

  2. despotliz said,

    Either the place I grew up is far too boring to have any interesting pictures taken anywhere near it, or I managed to get your application stuck in a loop. (I tried BL5 3JR.)

  3. vampwillow said,

    tried a postcode, nothing happened. tried a city name (“london”) and that shifted the map to central London. tried a postcode again and the map centred on that. No additional info to the basic google map has appeared though.

  4. sbisson said,

    You need to click on the pin to see the pop-up…

  5. sbisson said,

    Click on the pin to get the pop-up…

  6. sbisson said,

    Click on the pin to get the pop-up once the progress bar goes away…

  7. sbisson said,

    …and amusingly the image it gets is a cat macro 🙂

  8. cobrabay said,

    On the basis of this informal usability test, perhaps you need to change the text “Flickr Interestingness Weather Location Explorer” to “Click on the pin to get the pop-up”.
    It seems I live, work, and was brought up in places too dull for Flickr.

  9. flyingsauce said,

    I got the pin right on my house where I have tagged many of my photos, but the photo shown was at least half a mile away.

  10. ramtops said,

    and thus your app fails at the first point of user interface!

  11. bohemiancoast said,

    It’s a neat idea. Some suggestions…

    ‘relevance’ might be a better geotag than interestingness — the searches I’ve done have suffered from the problem that 99% of photos on Flickr with ‘interestingness’ are arty pics of flowers or trees that are actually not interesting in a geotag/geograph sense at all.

    If I type in my postcode and press ‘return’ it doesn’t have the desired effect, I actually have to click on the button.

    The pic that comes up is very small; it would be good if it were bigger (esp. if they’re all arty pics of flowers!) and if it clicked through to the flickr page.

  12. rhodri said,

    Very neat! One thing: on Firefox on a Mac, it works if you click the Map Postcode button after typing your postcode, but not – for some reason – if you hit return.

  13. sbisson said,

    Luckily for me UI isn’t the usual selling point of a code tutorial!

  14. sbisson said,

    That’s the main problem with Flickr’s geotagging – the automated tools don’t appear to be particularly accurate. That and the geosearch requiring bounding boxes (and Flickr’s unusual definitions of “interesting”)…

  15. andrewducker said,

    Same on IE6 on the PC. I hit return on a few different searches and was confused when nothing at all happened (except for the URL changing).

  16. sbisson said,

    For some reason Firefox doesn’t see return as an OnClick event.

  17. sbisson said,

    I’m explicitly trapping OnClick for the JavaScript function call.

  18. andrewducker said,


    A quick google revealed this:

  19. shewhomust said,

    Using DH1 4EB sets up an interminable search; after quite a long time it announced that it couldn’t find anything and was expanding its search area, and after quite a long time of that I’m afraid I got bored and interrupted it to write this!

    (It might find it easier if I mapped my Flickr photos, but a combination of a small screen and several toolbards means I can’t make that function work for me).

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