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Font Factory (Records)

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on June 21, 2007

Peter Saville, who designed many of Factory Records‘ sleeves, has put several of his classic fonts online, for free.

Download them here.

They include several of my favourite New Order fonts…


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  1. d_h said,


  2. muninnhuginn said,


  3. quercus said,

    I was a bit disappointed buy those, to be honest. I’d always thought that Saville had drawn the fonts himself, but now it turns out they’re pre-existing and not even that obscure (one’s also used by “The Prisoner”).

  4. the_magician said,

    Thank you for pointing those out, I’ve grabbed them to re-start my font collection (as I’d recently pulled all my fonts together onto one external drive, which then fell off my desk and now only makes clicking noises 😦 … know any cheap but good disk recovery companies?)

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