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We have lift off!

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on June 10, 2007

We have lift off!

Ignition! Atlantis lifts away from the pad in a gush of steam and bight, bright light. It’s silent in Titusville as everyone holds their breath.

Not quite the image I was aiming for, but the out of focus shuttle in the background seems to work well, with the sharp palm leaves in the foreground.

Titusville, Florida
June 2007


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  1. lapswood said,

    Great set of shots! I bet the sound of the launch was just as amazing. I’ve been following the mission on the site and listening to the audio. They dock with the ISS today. I hope there’s some good video of the meeting of astro/cosmonauts later.

  2. elimloth said,

    Great photos! It’s tough shooting heavy contrast scenes.


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