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After the launch

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on June 10, 2007

After the launch

The shuttle well away now, the launch contrail drifts and twists in the light breezes.

Titusville, Florida
June 2007


3 Responses to 'After the launch'

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  1. magscanner said,

    I like this shot quite a bit. It carries with it the relaxed sigh of a launch accomplished.

    I have to say that my visceral reaction to your previous posting was an “Oh No!”: sudden flashback to the 1986 launch disaster. Normally I don’t think about that at all, but it was a traumatic experience for me at the time. Apparently the scars remain.


  2. greenbus said,

    Great shot.

  3. sbisson said,

    It’s the same for me. You could hear the crowds start breathing after SRB separation…

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