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Even in the dark, they move…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on April 25, 2007

Even in the dark, they move...

Pedestrians blur in and out of existence, as they walk across Hungerford Bridge, on a warm spring night.


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  1. the_magician said,

    Actually (a pedant writes) … they are walking across the Golden Jubilee bridge which runs next to Hungerford bridge … if they were walking on Hungerford Bridge, then someone at British Rail/Transport Police would be getting quite nervous!

  2. the_magician said,

    And Wikipedia has pretty much the same shot but on the other footbridge (and so facing away from Charing Cross station)

  3. the_magician said,

    But still, it’s a lovely picture and quite poetic 🙂

  4. fastfwd said,

    Beautifully done!

  5. the_magician said,

    But your’s has less noise, better darkness and a much more pleasing set of lights and lines 🙂

  6. ajshepherd said,

    I like the way all the support wires look to be coming out of the light!

  7. twicezero said,

    nice, crisp

    i think i like yours better

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