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Geek t-shirt of the year?

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on April 11, 2007

Bruce Schneier as Chuck Norris? Oh yes.

I suspect it blows the previous contenders,’s “Anything that happens in Vegas gets photoshopped out” and the Diesel Sweeties “How’s My Blogging” shirt, out the proverbial water.


3 Responses to 'Geek t-shirt of the year?'

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  1. stevegreen said,

    Why is his face dipped in gravy?

  2. autopope said,

    I’m tempted to buy one and get him to sign it for me next week.

  3. the_magician said,

    had this up on the wall of the Ops room at Contemplation, as well as a bunch of BSG posters of the “Visit Caprica” and similar style.

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