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What good is a chocolate billboard?

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on April 3, 2007

Eating, apparently.

An edible billboard made from 390kg (860lb) of pure chocolate has been eaten in just three hours.

Thorntons invited passers-by to tuck into the 14.5ft by 9.5ft (4.4m by 2.9m) sign in Covent Garden, London.

The Easter creation, a world first, was made of 10 chocolate bunnies, 72 giant chocolate eggs and 128 chocolate panels, each weighing 2kg.

The billboard took three months to plan and 300 hours for the team of 10 to build and was expected to last a week.

That, and getting on the news and then being blogged about by gullible bloggers who get caught up in the swirl of viral marketing.


4 Responses to 'What good is a chocolate billboard?'

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  1. frandowdsofa said,

    A quarter pound bar every 7 seconds, with space for 8 people to get at comfortably, at that rate taking about a minute each if they’re each taking the quarter pound. A minute is a very long time …

  2. jaq said,

    Damn, missed it.

  3. davesslave said,

    Sounds delicious to me. I should be so lucky.

  4. mnelson said,

    At least it wasn’t the Chocolate Jesus…..

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