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Primeval Mists

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on March 31, 2007

Dawn mists
Originally uploaded by sbisson.

Sunlight on the dawn mists of a Florida swamp, from an early morning hot air balloon.

Somewhere below an alligator is stirring…

Orlando, Florida
March 2007


5 Responses to 'Primeval Mists'

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  1. davesslave said,

    What a beautiful, moody photograph! I always enjoy your photos.

  2. codepope said,

    … a cup of coffee and reading the paper and thinking “I’m not going to get prey in a mist like this”


  3. lil_shepherd said,

    That’s even better than most of your photos – and that’s saying something.


  4. anonymous said,

    Neat! I’m definitely putting “balloon ride” on my todo list when I visit my grandmother (sigh, I was about to type grandparents there…) in Florida.

  5. monkeypooshoes said,

    Wow! That’s amazing.

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