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Imploding the Stardust

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on March 14, 2007

Here’s some footage of yesterday’s implosion of the Stardust in Las Vegas.

Serious fireworks…

(Looks like I need to make some changes to this story snippet, as I was expecting a daylight implosion. This way I get to do sunrise over the Paris and a slow reveal on the tower…)


3 Responses to 'Imploding the Stardust'

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  1. nerdware said,

    Well, there were lots of fireworks, but the display itself wasn’t very imaginative. Each idea was stretched way too long. Also, the ending was an anti-climax.

  2. anonymous said,

    You did a great job with the video…..kudos to you! I was in Vegas during the implosion, but didn’t get to see it due to an early morning flight home.

  3. sbisson said,

    I can’t take credit for the video – it’s just the best of the batch I found on YouTube.

    It would have been good to see, but I flew back to the UK from Vegas on Sunday…

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