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Time Waster Du Jour.

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on February 13, 2007


Touch the blue square with the blue circle. Avoid the red dots that are created with each touch.

Starts simple, but quickly gets very, very tricky. Oh, and addictive…


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  1. frandowdsofa said,

    The higher education sector in Sheffield is grinding to a halt and it is all your fault.

  2. natalief said,

    Are you, by any chance, bored? ;-p

  3. chilperic said,

    Very, very, very addictive, you swine!

  4. twinfair said,

    I found my heart rate was rising when I was desperately trying to avoid the multiple dots! This isn’t a game introduced by aliens who plan to take over the world while we are all occupied, is it?

  5. monkeypooshoes said,

    aargh!! what have you done??!

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