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Letting Go

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on February 2, 2007

Somehow I’ve done it.

I’ve broken the hold it has on me. It is no longer part of my life. And now I can move on, and find other challenges…

Yes, the worst book I have ever read* has left my bookcase. It is off to the great second hand bookshop in the sky. Well, probably a charity shop, but it’s on its way. I’ve even deleted it from my catalogue

And I am free!

*The Golden Shield of the IBF. It is stupendously bad. I suspect it was meant to be a humorous fantasy thriller, but I wasn’t sure. It didn’t even make me smile. And it’s been sat on my bookcase for years, looking at me, telling me just how low I have got with my print addiction.

You know, I am actually astounded to find it is still in print…


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  1. burkesworks said,

    Yes, the worst book I have ever read* has left my bookcase.

    What, you mean there’s something out there worse than Atlas Shrugged?

    *The Golden Shield of the IBF

    Sounds more like a down-market boxing title for bums like Audley Harrison and Danny Williams to contest rather than any sort of fantasy thriller…

  2. quercus said,

    “The Ship That Sang” (Anne McCaffrey, ’nuff said)

  3. mnelson said,

    And only seven people own it on LT:

    You and I share 31 books.

  4. davesslave said,

    I’m impressed you were able to let go of the book. I’m such a print addict AND pack rat, I can’t part with any of my books. I still have some of my college textbooks.

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