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Hmm…. (Some travel noodling)

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on January 26, 2007

The period between the end of April, all of May, and the beginning of June looks extremely interesting technology conference- and event-wise.

  • Mix07/MEDC in Las Vegas 30th April to 3rd May.
  • RIM Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando 8th to 11th May
  • WinHEC 2007 in Los Angeles 15th to 17th May
  • FiRE 2007 in San Diego 22nd to 25th May
  • TechEd 2007 in Orlando 4th to 8th June

It’s looking as though we could do those all in a single trip, with some logistical juggling. It’ll depend on internal flights for much of it, but doing it with one transatlantic trip would make a lot of sense.

You know, that might just work…


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  1. timill said,

    TechEd is June (so it’s in the right place in the list).

  2. sbisson said,

    Cut and paste typo fixed!

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