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Great Movies, Re-enacted By Stationery

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 19, 2006

Twenty scenes from famous films, put together using common pieces of office equipment.

Can you guess them all?

I’m stuck on number 8 and number 9. They don’t seem to be “Jaws IV” or “Convoy”…

[link via By The Way…]


18 Responses to 'Great Movies, Re-enacted By Stationery'

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  1. bugshaw said,

    #9: Lets go to work (with this handy stationery)

  2. snowking said,

    8 is a much smaller aquatic predator.

    I can’t get 2, 14, or 19.

  3. bugshaw said,

    2 is much more a chick flick.

  4. snowking said,

    Dur! *slaps head*

  5. tanais said,

    I’ve heard of Convoy… mainly beacuse of the crap song attached to it… but Jaws IV? That means they also made a Jaws II and III?

  6. sbisson said,

    19, think Bond, and 14, well, he’ll be back.

  7. botrytis said,

    # 16 continues to elude me…

  8. devilgate said,

    Think “Stonehenge”.

  9. devilgate said,

    I’m still at a loss for that one, and 10.

  10. sbisson said,

    You could try smelling the glove or exploding the drummer.

  11. sbisson said,

    #2: What book are the names stuck on?

    #10: The birds and the Bee Gees.

  12. bugshaw said,

    #2 – does this icon help clue you in?

  13. devilgate said,

    I worked out 10 just before I came back. It was the pointing finger that gave it away 🙂 However, neither your clue (a diary, as far as I can tell) nor ‘s, below, helps me with 2.

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to give up and see the answers, which is annoying.

  14. devilgate said,

    I thought that might be a Camberwell Carrot in your left hand, but it’s not Withnail and I.

  15. bugshaw said,

    Not a spliff!!! Is Cadbury’s Flake.
    20 Dec 2006: 12 stone 2 lb. Chardonnays 3; calories 2500; Cadbury’s Flakes 4. v. bad. Am fat and horrible and Daniel will never love me as have elephant monster thighs.

  16. devilgate said,


  17. stevewpalmer said,

    I’m stuck on 5. It appears to be someone crossing a bridge with some water based predators below.

    I’ve got all the others though.

  18. stevewpalmer said,

    Nuts. I need to enter the FULL title. That didn’t occur to me for some reason.

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