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Governments do learn!

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 12, 2006

Proof in a BBC news story that governments do learn from their (or at least their peers’) mistakes.

A Scottish local council has obviously seen this video, as it has made a sensible decision in dealing with a decomposing sperm whale on a beach.

Experts are trying to decide on the best way to dispose of a 43ft dead sperm whale washed up on a Moray beach.
Council officials have ruled out using explosives to destroy the body.

That’ll keep the resulting cleaning bill down.

Of course, they still have to decide just what to do…


5 Responses to 'Governments do learn!'

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  1. alex_holden said,

    Tow it back out to sea and attach weights to it to make it sink?

    The exploding whale video was hilarious.

  2. maetang said,

    Explosives?! 0_o

    Why don’t they just send it hurtling through space with a potted plant. That would make more sense! :^D

  3. ajshepherd said,

    Oh no, not again.

  4. marypcb said,

    obviously Aiken hasn’t showed up to chainge their mind yet…

  5. dsgood said,

    Post signs warning that ingestion of rancid whale blubber causes hallucinations and euphoria.

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