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Useful website of the day: Dafont

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 9, 2006

Need a design font? This archive of free and shareware fonts has pretty much anything you’ll need…

Categories include “Fancy”, “Techno” and “Gothic”.


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  1. burkesworks said,

    W00t! Cheers Simon, you never fail to come up with quality links, and all the more so tonight what with me being a font junkie. And I can think of quite a few people on our flists that would appreciate it for the Doctor Who dingbats alone.

  2. soulstar said,

    Ooo, thanks. *bookmarks*

  3. dyork said,

    Thanks for the pointer. As a fan of fonts and typography, it was nice to see (as was the other link left in the comments).


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