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In the soul of the great machine

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 26, 2006

In the soul of the great machine
Originally uploaded by sbisson.

One of the largest pieces of experimental physics you’ll ever see, the ATLAS detector in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider fills a five story cavern below the Swiss plains around Geneva.

Photo montage assembled from 9 7Mpixel images.

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
November 2006


4 Responses to 'In the soul of the great machine'

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  1. madcatwoman said,


  2. razorsmile said,

    I’ve been keeping an eye on CERN ever since I first read Angels & Demons*don’thitme!* ; the very idea of its existence gives me joy.

  3. tanais said,

    just think. Some day that thing will one day be the size of a car and cheap chinese knockoffs of it will appear on eBay.

  4. budleysalterton said,

    and who has to sweep up the mess after someone leave their chewing gum on the power leads ?

    nobody listen to zathras !

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