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Oz in the post

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 25, 2006

The postman woke me this morning with a delivery from Galaxy Bookshop. Yes, it was my much anticipated copy of Sean Williams’ The Devoured Earth (along with The Resurrected Man). I can now happily finish The Hanging Mountains without having to travel to the southern hemisphere to track down the final volume of The Books Of The Cataclysm. Now all I need is a copy of Metal Fatigue

Meanwhile has introduced me to Kerry Greenwood‘s Corrina Chapman mysteries, which are proving most enjoyable. Corrina is a baker living in a Melbourne apartment block shaped (and named) after a Roman insula. A mixed bag of neighbours lead to interesting mysteries, and a lot of cooking. Side references to Buffy, Babylon 5, and Blakes 7 slash (along with touches of Dorothy L. Sayers) add to the enjoyment. Perhaps not as geeky as Donna Andrews’ Meg Langslow books, but definitely a charming and an engaging read.

Recommended so far: Heavenly Pleasures (sabotage at a chocolate shop and the collapse of the Megatherium trust) and Devil’s Food (mad monks, a missing father, and an incompetent herbalist).

I suspect I will be starting on Greenwood’s other series, the Phryne Fisher books (mysteries set in a 1920’s Melbourne) soon – as is reading chunks of them out to me with similar relish to her discovery of Jennifer Cruisie…


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  1. spride said,

    Don’t you two ever read any proper books?

  2. sbisson said,

    All books are proper.

  3. dmw said,

    I too have been enjoying Kerry Greenwood’s books lately. If you remind me via email of your address, I’ll try to get an inscribed Metal Fatigue out to you…

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