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!Hello America

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 13, 2006

Today we’re in LA, after a night at a very chi-chi hotel on Sunset Boulevard (its Sushi bar served a “Japanese Elvis Roll” – tempura banana and grilled eel with a satay sauce – that was surprisingly nice). We’re just off to spend the day at the Getty Centre, up in the hills, looking at wonderful art and architecture.

Tonight we’ll be in the air, skipping a day to arrive in New Zealand on Sunday morning.

So it’s goodbye to all this, and hello to all that.

Steak and cheese pies, L&P, Tui Beer adverts, Speight’s Southern Man and remembering to run over possums. It’ll be good to be back in Godzone…


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  1. desperance said,

    Okay, two questions: what sort of cheese in the steak and cheese pies? and, why is it a virtue to run over possums?

  2. sethop said,

    Possums are an evil foreign pest who love eating our native flora and fauna. Place isn’t quite *overrun* with them, but we do probably have more of them than say, humans, cows, or even sheep. They have no natural enemies here, which gives you an idea of how fricking *pansy* our native fauna are. Not sure about the cheese to tell you the truth! Edam, at a guess. Or a mild cheddar.

  3. micheinnz said,

    Tempura banana and grilled eel with satay sauce?


    Now I’m just wondering where I should take you to dinner in Dunedin. We haven’t got anything to match that!

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