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The benefits of exercise…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 23, 2006

Just over a month into the new regime, and I’m already doing a mile or so a day on the home cross-training machine.

What’s most pleasing is that I’m starting to see the effects. I was able to get the really heavy boxes up the ladder and into the loft while helping move house. There’s also definitely less of me round the waist and the thighs – in fact I’m already two notches into a belt I’d had to stop wearing.

Go me!

And I’m now seriously considering getting some running shoes so I can at least get a little jogging in while we’re away round the world…


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  1. ramtops said,

    get a bike! – it’d be great for travelling round London.

  2. mike_harre said,

    I had my first go on a cross-trainer at the gym on tuesday night, good work out but getting the rhythm right took a bit of work ;-).

    I have my second session with my personal trainer today, program for getting fit for the Milford Track is under way. Hopefully get out to hunt some more kokako this weekend if people aren’t sick.

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