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Cool Link Of The Day: Imagining The Tenth Dimension (Or, “My Brane Hurts”)

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 11, 2006

A rather nifty Flash animation (from the website of the book of the same name) that explores just what the author believes the various dimensions mean, as it takes us through the first to tenth dimensions.

Click on the navigation tab to explore the animation. Lots of nifty time travel ideas in linking the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. It’s origami turtles all the way down…
Link via Amygdalaf


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  1. srallen said,





    Dude… not the sort of thing I need to see at the end of my lunch break. My brain is itching and I only got into the 5th dimension. How can that be so radical and make such sense at the same frickin’ time?!

  2. ffutures said,

    Someone suggested I rec it as a source for my Flatland RPG, but given that it’s mostly a two-dimensional setting I decided that it was probably overkill.

  3. tanais said,

    The Flatlander thing was something I and many people first got explained clearly by Carl Sagan in Cosmos but this is fabulous I actually find a lot of peace and comfort knowing about this.

    Oh to be an ant

  4. twinfair said,

    I didn’t think my brain could cope with this sort of thing, especially at 08:30 on a Sunday morning nursing a mild hangover. But, hey, it cured it! Suddenly my headache doesn’t seem to be important when looked at from 10 dimensions.

    An ant jumping between one of many infinities to another completely different infinity created from a different big bang and and having different basic laws like gravity or the speed of light and it branching to all the possible endings just by folding the previous dimension now makes total sense.

    So I wonder if, by knowing what the ninth dimension is, I passed from one infinity (where I drank more than I should have last night) to another (where I didn’t) instantaneously, and so my hangover is no more. However, I now discover that the actual reason I no longer have a hangover is that my brain has melted and trickled out of my left ear. Another cup of tea is needed to bring me back to the three dimensions I feel comfortable with, and I muse “do these scientists, who live their lives thinking in 10 dimensions, prefer tea or coffee in the mornings?” Of course, I suppose an infinite number would prefer…. oh wait, the kettle has boiled.

  5. anonymous said,

    I would like to thank you for this, finally I can show something off at work to prove that I am smarter than everyone there, this is pretty basic but to actually have something to back up my babbling over the cubicles. I can only imagine what they will say when they see this,”my brain my brain” HAHHAHA!
    Or atleast thats the comment I would leave if I worked in an office building type place. But Since I don’t, I just gotta look at my cat and taunt him, because I know he didn’t understand that, the dolphins maybe, mice sure, but cats, No way will they ever out smart us humans.

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