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Objects Of Desire Are Closer Than They Appear In The Viewfinder

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 8, 2006

Over the weekend our latest eBay purchase turned up, in the shape of a rather spiffy portable studio.

It’s a collapsible translucent white cube which allows us to have a neutral background and smooth, diffuse illumination for close-up photography of objects. We need it to do product shots for reviews and articles. The coffee or kitchen tables aren’t really the best of places for product photography, and, well, you can imagine the states of our desks!

So, of course, I’ve been having a play. It came with a choice of light or dark backgrounds, but I’ve just been using a piece of white paper as a backdrop for my initial experiments, with a range of ornaments from around the house:

Heart Of Glass Netsuke Kitty
Glass Vortex
Labradorite Blues

A rather useful device, and something that will require much more experimentation. However, I’m quite pleased with the original results.

Next: some lights to improve the illumination.
These all used natural light in our front room


5 Responses to 'Objects Of Desire Are Closer Than They Appear In The Viewfinder'

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  1. ramtops said,

    oh! when you said you were getting one, I thought you meant a recording studio; I’ve got one of those light box things, but I haven’t really had time to play with it yet.

  2. sbisson said,

    Ah yes, I can see where the confusion may arise!

  3. marypcb said,

    these aren’t to scale, BTW
    large glass heart from a gallery in Bellevue
    fox netsuke from Raven’s Nest, Pike Place market, Seattle
    glass orb from the same glass gallery
    labdorite, almost certainly from Brazil or Madagascar, bought somewhere in the UK

    spot the odd one out!

  4. bohemiancoast said,

    Very nice. I want one. Of course, most of the ‘product shots’ I’ve done have been for eBay, where having the kitchen table in view is a positive virtue.

  5. tanais said,

    netsuke — because it is a cat and not a fox and therefore the only incorrectly descibed item?

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