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Cool Tool Of The Day: Flickr Profile Widget

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 8, 2006

The latest nifty tool from Flickr tools site Flagrant Disregard is just right for blog profiles or home pages. The imaginatively-named “Profile Widget” is a remotely hosted image that updates itself hourly, with pictures and statistics from your Flickr photostream. As it’s a hosted image, it doesn’t need any scripting support – so will work with LJ’s restricted HTML set quite happily.

Here’s mine!

sbisson. Get yours at

Widgets can be horizontal, vertical, or compact, and can use any of a mix of recent and random images.

If you use Flickr, stick one in your profile now!


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  1. ccomley said,

    Great – something else which attempts to rank you and your work based on how many hangers-on you have.

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