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Vote For Us!

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 2, 2006

Our electroluminescent wire stair lights are up for Ikeahacker‘s “hack of the month“.

You know what to do…
so make with the clicky!


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  1. adela_terrell said,


  2. tanais said,

    done 🙂

  3. a_cubed said,

    That “ikeahacker” page is fun, but very annoying. I have pretty good eyesight and I like to get lots of information on a screen, so I can spend more time reading and less time scrolling (it’s the break in eye scanning that annoys me, not the clicking per se). So, I have my text size on my browser set fairly small. This is usually OK, except when people insist on using font size of -2 or -4 or -6. The big trouble with this is that this isn’t a relative reduction, ut an absolute reduction in point size. So, for people who have their font set to, say, 18 point as standard, a -6 size is still 12 point, although if you have 18 point as your standard this may well be too small for yuo, but at least it’s only 2/3 size. On my machine, it goes from 12 point to 6 point, a reduction in half, and even with my eyesight, 12 point is too small.


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