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Duck Matrix Display

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 31, 2006

Duck Matrix Display
Originally uploaded by sbisson.

An array of ducks on the Thames. What are they spelling?

Is there some sort of Drake Vinci code at play here?

There’s certainly an “O” in the middle…

July 2006


8 Responses to 'Duck Matrix Display'

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  1. srallen said,

    So… long… and thanks… for…?

  2. pling said,

    Looks to me like they’re still getting lined up for “LOL” 😉

  3. vgqn said,


  4. cobrabay said,

    You’re viewing from the wrong place, it’s upside down, clearly says POV, as the ducks are trying to tell you.

  5. pouchedfox said,

    ouija ducks! your using occult avian magic to divine the future!
    They are trying to send us a message….but the evil ducks are trying to scramble the letters.

    Q – U – A – C – K

  6. del_c said,

    or “SOS”.

  7. elimloth said,

    Yup: purity of essence – POE

  8. marypcb said,

    shame we didn’t get a shot of the formation that was definitely
    / .

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