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Suckling at the electronic teat

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 25, 2006

Suckling at the electronic teat
Originally uploaded by sbisson.

Suckling at the electronic teat

Our new Roomba Scheduler at its charging station.

(And I’ve finally realised that iRobot’s devices remind me of various types of trilobite. It’s that head shield and the way they scuttle around the floor…)

July 2006


7 Responses to 'Suckling at the electronic teat'

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  1. maetang said,

    Very dinky!

  2. mike_harre said,

    I really want one of these but they suffer from dalek syndrome and I have many stairs ;-).

    BTW have you seen these ?

  3. ivory_goddess said,

    iRobot’s devices remind me of various types of trilobite.

    I want an electronic trilobite! It doesn’t even have to do anything useful!

  4. ffutures said,

    I want something with hands and a good book filing and paper sorting program. Not anything likely to be available soon.

    Or the Buffybot, of course…

  5. stillcarl said,

    Well, just go out and buy one!

  6. stillcarl said,

    You did know that Electrolux’s robo-vacuum was called a Trilobite, didn’t you?

  7. tanais said,

    this is interesting. I suffer from dog hairs in the house. Usually it aggregates under chairs, tables, hHiFis. We have no stairs so this may actually be useful the problem is these things don’t look all that big and the amount of hair I collect every few days is equal to that of an entire VAX vacuum cleaner… so probably it’s a ways off before it’ll replace the broom and mop and bucket of soapy water.

    Nice looking floor BTW — engineered wood flooring or laminate? Did I miss you putting this stuff down?

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