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Scoobas’s first cleaning

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 23, 2006

Scoobas’s first cleaning
Originally uploaded by sbisson.

Scoobas’s first cleaning

Scooba’s first run around the kitchen…

July 2006


8 Responses to 'Scoobas’s first cleaning'

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  1. ajshepherd said,

    You really need a little cover that clips over the top and makes it look like a small Dalek!

  2. beermat said,



  3. tanais said,

    i’d be worrying all the time not to step on it!

  4. del_c said,

    Scoooba! Quiero bailar la salsa!

    (Google Translate says that means “I want to dance the sauce”)

  5. sbisson said,


    (steps back carefully, smiling as he goes)

  6. del_c said,

  7. fastfwd said,

    Run! It looks like it’s coming right at you!

  8. natalief said,

    What do the kids/cats think? 😉

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