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Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 17, 2006

and I collaborated on a review of the latest rev of the Nokia 770’s Linux OS for Tom’s Hardware.

PDAs and smartphones can browse the Web, but small screens and poor support for JavaScript and plug-ins can make browsing a cramped and unsatisfying experience. UMPCs give you a standard browser but they’re still too big (and expensive) to carry all the time. Nokia’s 770 Internet tablet fits – not necessarily neatly – in the middle, in terms of size, price and features.

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  1. autopope said,

    Hmm. How’d you reckon it compares to this? (Which, I’ll note, has the same resolution screen.)

  2. neilf said,

    I really love my 770, which I flashed to the new OS the day after it arrived. Having a shell that can traceroute and ssh in a device that fits in my pocket is an absolute dream.

    Chaeck out for some discussion of the Pepper Pad, by 770 owners.

    – Neil.

  3. natalief said,

    Nokia’s 770 Internet tablet

    Neil has one of those…

  4. mdlbear said,

    I’m very fond of my 770, even though I mostly use it for web browsing at the moment. Their support for Linux is impressive.

  5. marypcb said,

    I haven’t seen the Pepper pad myself, but reviews from people who have a similar new of the 770 ask do call it very overpriced, under powered and unfriendly. I’ll try to get one.

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