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Simon and Mary are pleased to announce the forthcoming pitter-patter…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 11, 2006

…of tiny wheels.

Yes, we’re going to have robots!*

Our very own mechanical slaves to clean the house, before tey eventually rebel (like all machines). Of course, we’ll have to give them names, but I think I may draw the line at the little french maid’s outfit

Now, what will the cats think of them?

*A Roomba and a Scooba from a UK importer on eBay!


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  1. sneerpout said,

    Ah, we’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Roomba for a while but held off because we hadn’t had any first-hand accounts of one. So I look forward to hearing how you all get on!

  2. beermat said,

    my friends and have one and are most happy with its little cleverness at room sucking and cat bothering 🙂

  3. beermat said,

    rar to roombas! Next go get hacking it via its API.

    Am tempted to get one here for my 9′ by 15′ room, just so it can trundle around a few square feet (not much space, boxes, cables, desk, bed etc).

    Of course I’d rather have an inverse roomba (a cat :)…

  4. vgqn said,

    Well, if not the French maid, how about the frog? Too cute!

  5. elimloth said,

    Gosh, I too have been thinking about getting one of those robots. I haven’t worried much about the cats, as I know they’ll conspire to turn it upside down once they get over the shock of an undead moving creature. I am curious how the roomba will do with papers left on the floor. Is it smart enough to go around the small piles, or will it attempt to ‘clean’ them up.

  6. therealdrhyde said,

    Please remember to post a review in a month or so, including where to get the dear little things from.

  7. marypcb said,

    they will ‘test’ obstacles in case it’s the fabric flap of a sofa that they can push past to clean under the sofa, so it will depend on how tall and stable the pile of paper is. the Seattle PI Sunday edition in a pile it will probably back off from, a TV section it will, I think, vacuum over. I shall test and report back.

  8. marypcb said,

    absolutely – if it arrives promptly and works well I shall be posting the id of the business on eBay I bought from as they do discounts for buying both at once, paying by bank transfer, recommending friends…

  9. marypcb said,

    that’s the reason I’ve bought them – I’ve already written about the basics of the API and I want to see how programmable they are

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