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Ill in bed reading

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on June 14, 2006

One thing about spending a couple of days ill in bed, you get plenty of time to read stuff, in this case another six books (with a couple more well under way)…

As usual, this is an export from Readerware, with my usual star rating – from * (thrown at the wall), to ***** (why haven’t you read this one yet?).

Author Title ISBN Rating
Wilson, Robert Charles Blind Lake 0-7653-4160-3 *****
Roberson, Chris Paragaea: A Planetary Romance 1-59102-444-7 ****
Fraser, George MacDonald Flashman at the Charge 0-330-24202-4 ****
Foster, Alan Dean Flinx’s Folly 0-345-45039-6 ***
Duane, Diane Wizard's Holiday  0-15-205207-0 ****
Doyle, Debra Knight’s Wyrd 0-15-201520-5 ***

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