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The Dr Seuss Library

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on May 16, 2006

There are lots of little jokes scattered through Vernor Vinge’s new novel Rainbows End. You’ll find characters involved in cryptography called Bob and Alice, and a university library named after Dr Suess.

Oops. Time to back up a bit. That library? It really is named after Dr Seuss. Or rather, his real name, Theodor Geisel.

Meet the amazing architecture of UCSD’s Geisel Library.

Oh, the places we go!


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  1. ffutures said,

    It must really annoy real UCSD students when Buffy fans use the acronym for Sunnydale University…

    That’s a weird looking building, has an arcology feel to it. You could hold off quite a good siege with all those overhanging windows and a few pots of boiling oil..

  2. liveavatar said,

    (stares in amazement)

    That’s both gorgeous and a welcome change from the concrete/brutal styles of the ’80s and ’90s.

    I’m surprised we haven’t seen this building crop up as a supporting character in more SF movies.

  3. saffronrose said,

    I remember this being built, I think–it was certainly there in 1972. It still looks otherwordly, and neither datable nor dated.

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