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More Shameless Self Promotion: Adobe gets AJAX

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on May 15, 2006

While I’m enjoying the varied conversations on everything from the economics of the China Japan relationship to the future of supercomputing here in San Diego at FiRe, you can read a snippet of my visit to The AJAX Experience in San Francisco at the Developer Register.

Sometimes it seems that you’ve waited ages for an AJAX framework to come along, and then suddenly there’s a whole queue of them lined up, ready for testing. The latest to join the line up is Macromedia – sorry, Adobe now – with its Spry AJAX framework, which you can download here.

Announced and demonstrated last week at The AJAX Experience conference in San Francisco, Spry builds on work done with Flash and Flex, and focuses on working with XML data, as well as providing display widgets and effects. With tools to handle master-detail relationships Spry is an effective way of building, and “AJAXifying”, the type of user interface that’s become familiar to anyone building Flash applications. It’s also a lot easier to code than traditional AJAX approaches…

Read on here.

Normal service will be resumed shortly. However this conference is just far too interesting to spend much time blogging!


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  1. whumpdotcom said,

    The local cadre discussed Adobe’s framework, but would like to see it ditch the custom attribute hook and switch to latching on to elements via class names.

  2. mdlbear said,

    Be nice if it were actually possible to download Spry, but their server seems to be down at the moment. Not a good sign.

    And of course, being Adobe, they only support Mac and Windows. Presumably it’s the server-side component that’s platform-dependent; I can’t see why it would matter to the client.

  3. anonymous said,

    Just back from JavaOne in San Francisco and you couldn’t move for presentations that permed 2 or 3 from Java, AJAX, Web 2.0 and SOA; especially AJAX and Web 2.0.

    Google did an interesting presentation on their new web-framework: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) see . The basic idea is to make AJAX and “Web 2.0” style web user interfaces easy for Javaheads to build, in Java, without them dirtying their hands with Javascript 🙂 . The Google team have created a series of Java class libraries which can be used for Web UI construction. The resultant Java (not sure if this is the bytecode or the source code) is then converted to Javascript for you by a tool they’ve written. Cheers The Cronester

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