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Off Again…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on May 3, 2006

…to New York and Brooklyn for an Office 2007 reviewer’s workshop, then to San Francisco and the bay for the AJAX Experience, down to San Diego for FIRe and wrapping up with WinHEC in Seattle…


Back nearly in June.


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  1. spride said,

    Brooklyn, being one of the Five Boroughs, is New York. If you conflate Manhattan with New York you will rapidly piss many New Yorkers off.

    Simon (a B&T person).

  2. fleetfootmike said,

    Ok. Intrigued now.

    “reviewer’s workshop”? – is this where they tell you how to review it?

  3. saffronrose said,

    Let us know if there’s a lag in your schedule where cheap accommodations are desired.

  4. teddywolf said,

    My lovely wife mentioned to me about wanting to go to NYC when you’re there so she can say Hi and so you can see our bouncing baby redhead. Mayhap this might be doable? (I admit, if I could wangle time off of work I’d like to say Hi again as well 🙂

  5. sbisson said,

    Not really. That would *really* backfire.

    It’s more a set of press briefings in one place structured like a small conference, with the presenters being from the product team. A lot of companies do them as a way of introducing complex new products.

  6. sbisson said,

    We have Rose Petal Wine for you…

  7. sbisson said,

    Not sure – we’re in meetings all today and tomorrow – we may be free tomorrow evening or Saturday morning – flying to SF on Saturday evening.

  8. sbisson said,

    New York State not New York City!

  9. teddywolf said,

    Ahh well. Looks doubtful then, as we have company til Friday morn and Tigerlily’s been talking about events this weekend. Still, hope the meetings aren’t dull and that you have a safe trip to SF. Please do let us know the next time you make it near Boston?

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