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So where is Simon today?

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on April 23, 2006

Well, I’m back across the pond for a few days, in the air-conditioned splendour of Orlando, ready to spend four days plugged into the world of Business Intelligence.

The flight wasn’t as bad as I feared it could have been, though thick cloud all down the eastern seaboard kept me from much aerial sightseeing, beyond a hydroelectric scheme somewhere along the US/Canada border. Coming in through Florida’s afternoon thunderstorms was a trifle nervewracking, especially when the aircraft unexpectedly dropped through some pretty sever turbulence…

Still, we landed safely, and made it (slowly) through immigration and to the hotel, which is also where the conference is going to be.

The view from my hotel room is pretty good. Florida is so flat that from the 22nd floor you can see for miles, or around here, at least two theme parks, and there’s plenty wildlife just around the corner and behind each building. There’s a big pond behind the hotel that I may investigate later for a little photography.

We’re not far from one of Orlando’s rare bookstores (pity it’s a B. Dalton, but we can’t have everything). At least I was able to find an extra birthday present for . Now, can I keep myself from reading it before I give it to her?

She’s off to Germany later today. I’ll have to work out what the time difference between here and the there.

The sun is slowly burning off the morning mists. Soon I’ll see the spiralled knotwork of Seaworld’s rollercoasters…


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  1. pnh said,

    Nitpick: If it was in Nova Scotia, it certainly wasn’t on the US-Canada Border, since Nova Scotia is one of the three provinces that doesn’t share a border with the US.

  2. ccomley said,

    If you crave wildlife more than rollercoasters and you have a car and half a day or so spare, I highly recommend the Merrit Island reserve. Merrit Island is that on which the kennedy space centre is, but the northern half of the island is a nature reserve.

  3. spride said,

    > I’ll have to work out what the time difference between here and the US.

    EDT: BST-5 + CEST:BST+1 = 6 hrs apart.

    Unless you’re in Western Florida (panhandle) in which case it’s 7.

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