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Aaaargh! I am an idiot…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on April 13, 2006

First rule of the day: when you get an urgent calendar reminder make sure that you check the subject of the message and all of its contents.

Otherwise you will be running round in circles and panicking while looking for your company’s shuttle return form so that you’ll get it in in time for what turned out to be the deadline for the flat management company (which sorted out while you cooked dinner last night), which is over a month before Companies House will actually send you the form you need for your company. Which of course is why you won’t find it. And the date field in your standard cover letter is auto updating, which is why it has today’s address in it, not sometime at the end of last April.


[Slaps head.]

[Takes several deep deep breaths.]

Well, at least I’ll have got web filing set up in plenty of time for Fehen Consulting, so I’ll save myself some cash…

However, I am an idiot.

Back to writing about web CRM then…


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  1. ccomley said,

    Ahhh – but here’s the difference between Microsoft’s view of the world and the world as it really is.

    It’s *vital*, if you’re one of those people who has time to set up templates, to set them up in such a way as the date is inserted as a fixed-value chunk of text when you first create the letter, it must never again change unless you choose to change it.

    Something else those of us who run real companies know which people who write Office applications often miss is – when you create a billing database, say, you MUST hold an invoice address as a variable within each invoice, you must NOT just fill in the field on the invoice from the customer master file each time you view the invoice. Because when the client moves to a new office, you need the database to still show his *old* address on any invoices raised whilst he was *at* that address.

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