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Scratching A Quick Beak

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on April 6, 2006

Scratching A Quick Beak

I caught this little chap at just the right time…

A jay, in a marina at Fort Lauderdale. April 2006


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  1. andrewducker said,

    Wow. Nice shot.

  2. nalsa said,

    Oh, very well done there.

  3. maetang said,

    That could also be yoga for avians!

  4. kevinwmoor said,

    Excellent, absolutely excellent.

  5. muninnhuginn said,

    That is so cool. It’s like a Jan Pienkowski silhouette and might rather suit one of his swirly painted backgrounds.

    There’s folk at who’d love it too. May I link ?

  6. sbisson said,

    Of course…

  7. muninnhuginn said,

    Ta! There’s nothing like adding to the avian porn 😉

  8. pickledginger said,


    Yet another beautiful shot.

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