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Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on March 25, 2006

Originally uploaded by sbisson.

“Today I went hunting, saw lots of bighorn sheep. It all went well until I lost my spear while trying to kill a bighorn ram. Think I need a new atlatl, as mine is broke. I wonder if there are any shiny ones available yet…

Mood: angry.”

Petroglyphs at Atlatl Rock, in the Valley of Fire.

Valley of Fire
March 2006


7 Responses to 'Ancient Blogging'

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  1. anonymous said,

    That was hilarious. Thanks for the translation.

  2. ladyjillian said,

    Oops–sorry, that was me.

  3. anonymous said,

    thanks for the good laugh!

  4. saffronrose said,

    thanks for the good laugh!

  5. whotheheckami said,

    *applause* :@)

  6. nerdware said,

    What? No comments? I wonder how they collected their stats…

  7. del_c said,

    Friday bison blogging!

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