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Naming “12”

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on February 16, 2006

So it’s going to be Office 2007.

Not surprising, really, as that’s the name that had been rumoured since the very start of things…

However, it is interesting to note the demise of FrontPage, reborn as SharePoint Designer. With Microsoft building its new Office Live platform on top of SharePoint, it’s going to be an important tool for helping build customised solutions for both inside and outside the business. The web designer baton is going to be passed to Expression Web Designer (previously codenamed Quartz), which looks to be much more of a competitor for Dreamweaver…

It’s actually a little sad seeing FrontPage go. Back when it was a interesting looking personal web page design tool from a small company called Vermeer we were using it to design and manage pages at UK Online. It was the best thing around at the time (it was that or Adobe’s Pagemill) if you didn’t have the time to hand code every line of HTML…

But it’s time to move on. I’ve been using Dreamweaver for years now, among many other design tools…


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  1. fba said,

    I *hate* Sharepoint with a firey passion – the interface is completely counter-intuative. If Microsoft are looking at Office into a full-blown client-server collaboration tool (so that would be like Lotus Notes then?) they *really* need to sort out the administrative interface…

  2. sbisson said,

    Oh, it’s less counter-intuitive than Notes to start with…

    But yes, there’s still work to be done. I’ve yet to see the Office 12 Sharepoint Server…

  3. fba said,

    TBF I’ve never used Notes – but I’ve got collegues who have and the general impression is that Sharepoint has no administrative cohesion. It is just basic interface design stuff that Microsoft really should be able to do better – too much damned clicking on links that jump around all over the place. It was so much better when Sharepoint was managed using MMC snapins…

  4. sbisson said,

    I never understood why MMC got deprecated so quickly. It’s a damn fine tool…

  5. ramtops said,

    yes, from the brief look I had at it, it’s absolutely horrible.

    and shovelling out tools for people to do stuff doesn’t make the *any good at it*, by and large …

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