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Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on February 6, 2006

Today I delivered my first copy to the Register. Link to follow when it’s online…

It was also the first copy I’d completed since discovering about the Highbury debacle. Which considering how the whole thing left me feeling, was something of a milestone in its own right.

Onwards ever onwards. Column to finish tonight, I think…


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  1. megadog said,

    I really hope you get your dues despite the Highbury debacle. Though let’s face it – isn’t there something vaguely – sordid and demeaning – about admitting to writing for Vulture CentralTheRegister ??

    [I turned down random offers of writing for the VNU stable some years ago]

  2. sbisson said,

    Well, it’s the Developer section of the Register, which is pretty much a reincarnation of Application Development Advisor…

  3. maetang said,


  4. tanais said,

    Its like getting on a horse once you have been thrown. I was sure after OLW I was going to say “right, thats it, fuck it. Never again”, but it happened every 7 years or so for me… before I quit for other reasons.

    Well done for filing your copy. Best of luck trying to get summat from the ruins of a publishing company gone tits-up. Even if its hardware you can legally then sell on.

  5. tanais said,

    Not at all! Writing for a fine august piece of piss-taking excellence like The Register is some kind of badge to be proud of! A bit like writing the non pervy bits in a porno magazine…

    VNU? Darling we’ve all been ass-raped by the dutch at some point… I even subbed {fnarr} for their IT weekies in between editing rags.

  6. marypcb said,

    it’s worse than defaulting publishers. it’s Ernst & Young, saga of the receivers. I think that is a very apposite term for what they do: receivers rather than, alas, distributors.

  7. marypcb said,

    oh – you’re not mistakng it for The Inquirer, recently bought by VNU but still savaging every story it carries?

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