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Time to make sure I only fly with Virgin Atlantic?

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on January 31, 2006

Apparently I can now use my Flying Club miles to book Virgin Galactic flights.

I’ll only need a round 2,000,000 miles – so perhaps I’d better leave it to more frequent flyers, like …


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  1. jiggery_pokery said,

    Two million from Virgin Atlantic flights, at that – miles earned from partners don’t count, so you can’t get a free Virgin Galactic trip from being a reeeeeeeeeeally big (corporate?) credit card spender. That said, I note that you can get triple miles on Upper Class flights at the moment.

    A question being asked on the forums is whether flights on Virgin Galactic would earn Flying Club miles. Theoretically they might – just not many!

  2. tanais said,

    It would be nice is Virgin weren’t such an awful airline. Cattle, and Business were both quite horrid experiences for me… Mind you flying *is* horrid. Even when someone else is paying….

  3. anonymous said,

    By the time the average human could scrape up 2000000 miles of frequent flyer miles they would be toooooo old to take the G-Forces on take off…. imagine what would happen to a wrinkly face at 3-4 G’s… Yuck!

    Found an alternative way up there at They have a treasure hunt, the winner gets a free flight on the Galactic.

    I think I will try clicking my way to space ;>)


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