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Hungry In Seattle

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on January 31, 2006

Chris Pirillo lists plenty of good Seattle restaurants here.

We’ve been to I Love Sushi, and it’s pretty damn good. However, we’d also recommend one of and ‘s favourite places, Cafe Flora. It’s a wonderful vegetarian place that puts most other vegetarian restaurants we’ve eaten at in the shade…

Then there’s the Essential Baking Company, near Gas Works park, for excellent breads and sandwiches – and of course the option of grazing through Pike’s Place Market (for excellent chowder, chicken wings and doughnuts).


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  1. srallen said,

    Mama’s Mexican Kitchen, La Carta de Oaxaca, Mecca Cafe, Elliott Bay Pizza, Orrapin, Thai Bistro, Anthony’s (but not the one on the waterfront, I’m told), Palace Kitchen…

    Ah the list goes on and on and… I’m sorry, is it lunch time yet?

  2. davesslave said,

    Thanks for the tip! I’m going to mark that down for the next visit to Seattle.

  3. tanais said,

    As we will be out there come march-time, that list will be useful. I must condense it into iPod format.

  4. sbisson said,

    We’re going to be in the US from the 4th to the 27th March – SF and Las Vegas with a road trip in between…

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