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I thought titanium was supposed to be strong…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on January 11, 2006

There’s a crack in the metal frame around the keyboard of my TiBook. Right by the PCMIA slot…


Let’s hope for a glut of cheap G4 iBooks…


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  1. tanais said,

    aeroplanes are made of Titanium aren’t they and they get cracks all over the place so I am told…

  2. sbisson said,

    No, they’re mainly aluminium. But the mechanisms are the same.

    This is obviously a stress fracture at a point where the case flexes.

  3. tanais said,

    I never liked the Tit or the Ally Powerbooks TBH. Really flimsy — even the latest models always had that scary bendiness about them except the 12-inch Ally PB which looks tuff enuff. That 15-inch Powerbook I got on eBay was the shortest lived Laptop I ever had even beating the horrid PowerBook 1400cs by a whole week!

    I’m amazed yours lasted as long as you did.

    Plastics are the future. Er hold on.. no… maybe its carbon fiber… or maybe resin-graphite composite… no no hold on a sec… WOOL! Woolen Laptops! Knit your own fruity flavors. Now Steve Jobs has a whole new way to fleece us all…

    I Sold my iBook and I started reading books in bed again (as in those flippy things I lose patience with and take months to read?)

    Funny that…

  4. megadog said,

    The guys I work with who need to operate in hostile environments swear by their Panasonic Toughbook-29s.

    One of these had a volcano erupt over it and still kept on going once they’d dug it out of the pile of ash…!

  5. thunderbox said,

    At a flex point it’s more likely to be a fatigue failure.

    “the mechanisms are the same.”

    Similar but not quite the same. Titanium has a fatigue limit, a threshold below which any repeating load may be applied forever without causing failure. Aluminum doesn’t have such a limit, so that it will fail eventually under any repeating load, even a minimal one.

    In the case of the TiBook, rather obviously the case should have been designed to stay under the fatigue limit.

    (Steel has a fatigue limit too, but Mg is like Al and doesn’t)

  6. quercus said,

    “Ti books” aren’t made of Ti, they’re mostly plastic and a few bits of diecast light alloy (Mg/Al). The only Ti on them is a couple of thin foils glued on the outside purely as decorative trim.

    I was so disappointed to learn this that I didn’t buy one (got a Vaio instead, which at least is honest about being plastic).

  7. dmw said,

    Yah, mine has cracked at the headphone jack and above the dvd intake; the latter is particularly annoying. Still, it’s getting on now… (purchased sept 2001, iirc).

  8. timill said,

    People Can’t Memorise Computer Industry Acronyms.

  9. elimloth said,

    I’ll conffirm what quercus wrote: the tibooks are made of plastic and Magnesium-Aluminum amalgams. The titanium finish is a thin foil that is decorative and serves to deter finger wear. It is not in any way a structural component. Sadly, it also shields the computer’s Wifi antennae.

    Besides, you should sell that tibook and get the neew x86 Macbook. It will be quite spiffy running Windows on it 🙂

  10. sbisson said,

    Actually what I really want is one of the new Toshiba Dual Core tablets…

  11. sbisson said,

    People Can’t Type

  12. sbisson said,

    Ah, fascinating – my materials science experience is mainly thermal and electrical conductivity.

    I keep telling I’m not and never have been a Materials Scientist. Perhaps this will prove it to her!

  13. sbisson said,

    Yeah, mine’s 2002…

  14. sbisson said,

    Thin Ti over Mg/Al and carbon composite AFAIR, and the Ti only on the the top and bottom of the case. Which is why the paint on the sides corrodes quite nastily…

    But that just wouldn’t make as good an entry header 🙂

  15. snowking said,

    12-inch Ally PB which looks tuff enuff

    Mine has a dent in the corner. It was in its sleeve which was in its bag and I dropped it from the height of about two foot on the tube. Two years after that, the power connection has started to get very temperamental. :/

  16. elimloth said,

    Dual core tablet?! Where?

  17. sbisson said,

    It’s the M400, and was announced at CES.

    Now, I wonder if Motion will be doing a dual core device soon. Just the thought of it is getting Mary quite excited!

  18. sbisson said,

    It’ll have to be Vista – EFI and all that.

    (but they are a tad pricy for what is just at heart a standard Duo Core laptop)

  19. elimloth said,

    Macs have always been a tad pricey but I have found their laptops have better fit and finish are much sturdier than those offered by just about everyone else. Things can change, and this new laptop of theirs might be a value engineered (aka cheapened) machine, but I think not.

    On the other hand, that dual core tablet is enticing.

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