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Computer Insecurity

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 21, 2005

This could be bad (for Dan Brown levels of bad).

I’m pretty sure it won’t be accurate.

But then again, wouldn’t it be good if it was?

Imagine Harrison Ford in the Cubicle of Action with a collection of O’Reilly books at his side, scrabbling up some Perl to munge a set of incompatible log files in order to see what happened weeks ago – while trying to patch 1500 Windows servers, regression test a fix to the corporate web apps, and catch up with Bruce Schnier’s blog, and answer all his email.

See Harrison Ford in the Meeting Room of Doom explaining to his bosses that they can’t have a hole in the firewall to connect directly to a partner company – in words of less than three syllables and no more than five acronyms.

Enterprise IT Security: The Movie. Oh yeah.


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  1. ffutures said,

    It’s a concept movie – The Desperate Hours meets Hackers. Don’t expect much originality.

  2. ang_grrr said,

    Paul Bettany! *rubs thighs*

  3. jaq said,

    Hmm, it doesn’t mention any rummaging through wastebins.

  4. alex_holden said,

    This SSL accelerator did the Kessel run in less than twelve packets!

  5. gummitch said,


  6. megadog said,

    It really needs Johnny Depp or Kevin Bacon to make it worth watching – with maybe a side-order of Halle Berry leaning provocatively over a rack of monitors to kill off the evil terrorists|extortionists by typing init 0.

  7. vampwillow said,

    “Harrison Ford in a cubicle” .. hmmmn. works for me 🙂

    ps. Happy Birthday!

  8. thunderbox said,

    Not as well as “Harrison Ford in a wood chipper”

  9. spride said,

    We have to clean the rest of Steve Buscemi out first.

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