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Remember, remember the 18th of December.

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 15, 2005

Just a quick reminder post…

In just over under a week I’m going to make it to one of those supposedly landmark birthdays. Yes, it’s another decade counter ticked off. So what better reason for a party?

When: Sunday 18th December – early afternoon to late
Where: 51 Oakhill Road, Putney

What: At homeish – with possible perigrination to the Queen Adelaide, our recently refurbished local pub. Come by the house first – if we’re at the pub there’ll be a note on the door. Food will be ordered from our copious collection of local takeaways, and we’ll broach the wine cellar. Bottles welcome, too!

Nearest tube is East Putney, nearest rail is Putney. Parking is unrestricted on Sundays.

Use the TFL Journey Planner to get here by clicking on this button:

Limited crash space is available, if you don’t mind cats


13 Responses to 'Remember, remember the 18th of December.'

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  1. annafdd said,

    I’m not sure I can make it – I work Sundays – but if I’m awake I’ll try to turn up.

  2. sbisson said,

    Charlie and Karen will be down, if that’s any incentive!

  3. fluffcthulhu said,

    I must ensure that the minions bring Me along.

  4. sbisson said,

    At which point no doubt you will indulge in unholy communion with your incarnations that make this your/their abode.

    (It’s difficult communicating with transdimensional old ones)

  5. rowanf said,

    Well, if you manage to set up a transcontinental portal in the vicinity I’d love to come. *laugh* Have a great birthday celebration!

  6. annafdd said,

    Ooooh, I must meet Charlie, I’ve been neglecting her since I moved here! I must come. 🙂

  7. annafdd said,

    Charlie S or Charlie A?

  8. sbisson said,


  9. latexiron said,

    Sorry, but will be in Vienna. I think. Have a happy birthday!

  10. micheinnz said,

    Happy birthday for Sunday! You share your birthday with two good friends of mine. KAOS Otago is having its midsummer picnic that day, so I’ll be sure to raise a glass to you.

  11. sbisson said,

    Actually the day itself is Wednesday – but you know how it is with Wednesdays and parties…

    (and the fact we have a plane to catch that day!)

  12. dougs said,

    My former “Maybe” has become a “no” — something you’ll have worked out for yourself in another couple of hours. I’ve just got home from last night’s party and I’m in no condition to come out again.
    Happy birthday nonetheless.

  13. the_magician said,

    Happy Birthday!!

    Just saw this today (20th December) so a bit late to swing past and offer felicitations. I was up in Rutland on Saturday evening, but I came back down to Brentford Sunday morning, over to Hackney Sunday afternoon, and drove past your place on the way home Sunday around 7pm … bah!

    Welcome to your x0’s (where x is a number that we’ll gloss over … but I bet I reached it before you did!)

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